Equipment Repairs

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Landau’s expertly trained service staff can repair or replace almost all equipment types.

Your pool relies on pool equipment to function well and keep the water fresh and clean. Occasionally, you may experience a breakdown that will put your pool plans on hold. Over time, your pool equipment will suffer deterioration and corrosion due to chemical damage, weather, and everyday wear.

Whether it is a small problem or large, our pool technicians can advise whether you need a new piece of equipment or simply a new part. We can solve your pool equipment repair problem quickly and efficiently.

Our pool technician staff are highly experienced and professional. They go to great lengths to provide only high-quality, state of art new pool equipment, repair and customer care.

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Quality Repairs Guaranteed

Are you in need of a pool equipment repair? Call Landau today at (909) 367-6122 or send us a message. Get your pool back in working order in time for a fun-filled summer.