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We offer the newest pool equipment in the industry

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We are proud to partner with Hayward Pool Products offering top-of-the-line pool equipment.

Our complete line of quality pool equipment comprises high-performance variable speed pumps that lower utility costs, to filters for optimal clean water, heaters to stay comfortable at any time, cleaners, sanitization, automation, lighting, parts and accessories.

Hayward Pool Equipment
pool equipment heaters


Bring comfort to your pool, from small-footprint heaters to those of a larger scale we offer top-of-the-line electric heaters and gas and propane-powered heat pumps

pool equipment pumps


Our pool pumps are leading the way in energy efficiency from single-speed to variable-speed pumps. Our VS pumps pay for themselves in about two years as utility costs decrease.

pool equipment cleaners


Full-line cleaners all with different features. From robotic cleaners with maximum suction power, variable speed driven rollers for optimal wall, surface and top cleaning and more.

Lighting pool equipment


The newest LED pool lights bring brilliance like never before. Even better they save on energy bills. So, why not upgrade? Set the mood poolside by changing the colors.


Cloudy water is not only unappealing to the eye, but it also is not healthy and safe. Our filters offer the latest in pool filter technology ensuring water is clean and clear.



Our sanitization systems do not just sanitize they optimize for optimal clean, crystal clear, safe and healthy water. We take sanitization to the next level.


As the new trend is everything “smart” why not make your pool a “smart” pool? One that you can remotely change the settings with a smartphone or voice-assisted device.

Parts and Accessories, pool equipment

Parts and Accessories

Pool equipment is comprised of parts and accessories. Therefore to have your pool working at its optimal level all season long having access to the part and accessories is vital.